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  • Voliam Flexi

    Voliam Flexi insecticide is the only integrated solution used for spraying paper on many crops safely. It is highly effective and extended to all absorbent insects, and worms. There is no need to mix more than one pesticide if there is more than one lesion and is suitable for harvest periods and export crops. The pesticide should not be sprayed during the period of bee activity.

    Technical content: 200 gm/kg Thiamethoxam + 200 g/kg Chlorantraniliprole

    Mode Of Action: It possess the characteristics of two active ingredients with different mechanisms of action chlorantraniliprole and Thiamethoxam. The insects affected by Voliam Flexi quickly stop feeding and moving.

    Voliam Flexi Features
    Voliam Flexi (Thiomethoxam+Chlorantraniliprole) is a unique, broad-spectrum, soil systemic insecticide solution which provides your crop with a pre-emptive boost of energy and keeps it going throughout its life cycle.

    Voliam Flexi, a new generation product has excellent and long-lasting control over diseases like Tomato Leaf Curl Virus.

    Voliam Flexi is specially designed to target Sucking & lepidopetra pests with long-lasting control to add crop vigour and crop establishment.

    This is designed to prepare healthier plants per acre. It not only protects the young plant but also makes it visibly look better.

    Dosage: 0.5 ml/liter Of Water

    Ground/Field Application Of Water : Apply in a minimum of 100 liter/ha.

    Foliar Application: Apply in a minimum of 30 liter/ha.

    Voliam Flexi

  • Ammonium sulphate

    Pack Size: 50 kg

    Pakistan’s agricultural lands have a higher pH, that makes them more basic in nature. Ammonium Sulfate is a water-soluble fertilizer, which contains Nitrogen – 21% and Sulfur 24%. It helps in fixing the basic nature, by providing acidity, and ensures long-term availability of Nitrogen.

    Sulfur is readily available in the form of sulfate.
    Sulfur is essential for protein production in plants.
    Agricultural experts recommend sulfate fertilizers for lands with basic nature, which are beneficial in enhancing yield per acre.

  • AIR ONE 20% SC

    Foliar fungicide & Bactericide with contact & Preventive Action.
    Copper hydroxide 136 g/kg+
    Copper oxychloride 136 g/kg
    Copper bioavailability
    Well balanced release of copper ions to hit the target.
    Airone is a patented mixture invented by Isagro R&D.
    Fluid Bed Wettable Dispersible Granules
    A i r o n e is produced in a dedicated plant with “FLUID BED” technology for an unsurpassed dispersibility in water and almost dust-less granules.
    HYDROXIDE: quick action
    OXYCHLORIDE: long lasting activity.
    WG Formulation
    Easy to use
    Immediate dispersion of granules and full compatibility with most of the crop protection products.
    A loyal ally against many diseases
    Crops: Grape, Tomato, Potato, Top fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals, Tropical fruits.
    Fungal diseases: Downy Mildew, Scab, Leaf Curl, Shot Hole, Early and Late Blight, Anthracnose, Blossom Wilt.
    Bacterial diseases: Fire Blight, Bacterial Leaf Blight. Airone enhances the excellent antibacterial
    activity of copper.
    Multiple action
    Inhibits fungi spores’ germination
    The unique Isagro synthesis process means the copper microparticles are the perfect size to target the bacteria.
    The Airone formulation contains a much higher number of copper particles less than one micron in size than other formulations on the market.
    This enhances rainfastness.
    Blocks the pathogen respiration processes
    Slows down protein biosynthesis
    Reduces membrane permeability.
    Dose 140 to 160 ml in one Acre.

    AIR ONE 20% SC

  • Isabion (Amino acids)

    Pack size:
    100g/L Amino Acids
    SC (Suspension Concentrate)