• Multicut Sorghum

    Pack Size: 10kg
    High energy feed – Multicut can be used for grazing, hay, silage or green chop and is excellent for dry matter production with a high protein and high energy content.
    Benefits – Multicut can be grazed, cut for hay, silage or fed as green chop and has quick initial growth with grazing from 3-6 weeks after planting. The re-growth and tillering is rapid and it can grow 50 mm a day to height of 3 m.
    Multicut will ratoon after hail or insect damage. Because of its versatility, it can be used as high energy feed for producing dairy or beef cattle, as well as maintenance rations for breeding stock.
    Features- Under optimum conditions Multicut will utilise avail be nutrients and moisture to maximise dry matter and protein production and good management produces high tonnages with superb feed values.

    Multicut Sorghum


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