• AIR ONE 20% SC

    Foliar fungicide & Bactericide with contact & Preventive Action.
    Copper hydroxide 136 g/kg+
    Copper oxychloride 136 g/kg
    Copper bioavailability
    Well balanced release of copper ions to hit the target.
    Airone is a patented mixture invented by Isagro R&D.
    Fluid Bed Wettable Dispersible Granules
    A i r o n e is produced in a dedicated plant with “FLUID BED” technology for an unsurpassed dispersibility in water and almost dust-less granules.
    HYDROXIDE: quick action
    OXYCHLORIDE: long lasting activity.
    WG Formulation
    Easy to use
    Immediate dispersion of granules and full compatibility with most of the crop protection products.
    A loyal ally against many diseases
    Crops: Grape, Tomato, Potato, Top fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals, Tropical fruits.
    Fungal diseases: Downy Mildew, Scab, Leaf Curl, Shot Hole, Early and Late Blight, Anthracnose, Blossom Wilt.
    Bacterial diseases: Fire Blight, Bacterial Leaf Blight. Airone enhances the excellent antibacterial
    activity of copper.
    Multiple action
    Inhibits fungi spores’ germination
    The unique Isagro synthesis process means the copper microparticles are the perfect size to target the bacteria.
    The Airone formulation contains a much higher number of copper particles less than one micron in size than other formulations on the market.
    This enhances rainfastness.
    Blocks the pathogen respiration processes
    Slows down protein biosynthesis
    Reduces membrane permeability.
    Dose 140 to 160 ml in one Acre.

    AIR ONE 20% SC

  • Headland Zinc

    Pack Size: 500 gram
    Active ingredient: Zinc 5% Chelated
    Chelated Zinc EDTA is highly efficient and available to support plant growth, resulting in higher yields.
    This fertilizer can be used from seedlings to the mid-season application which can be done through irrigation or foliar sprays.
    Chelated Zinc is readily available for plants to absorb, it will improve zinc deficiencies faster.
    Chelated Zinc EDTA fertilizer is compatible with other fertilizers and nutrients and is ideal for maintenance application before deficiency appears.
    Main Features and Benefits of Chelated Zinc EDTA:
    * Has highly and fully chelated zinc elements
    * Is quickly taken in by plants since it requires low energy to absorb the nutrient
    * Contains organic substance with a minimum salt index
    * Contains highly and readily available nutrients
    * It starts working right away
    * Is highly compatible with nutrients and other fungicides
    * Can be used both in hydroponics agriculture and for soil application
    Chelated Zinc EDTA can be safely applied by spraying, as a liquid fertilizer, as a side dressing or through irrigation delivery systems

    Headland Zinc

  • Ultrasol Magnum P44

    Active Ingredient: 18% Nitrogen and 44% Phosphorus
    Pack Size: 25 Kg
    Dose/Acre: 2 Acre
    Target Crops: Use on cotton, grain and vegetable crops
    Target Benefits: increases absorption of nutrients.
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